Flyboys or The flight Lafayette (Quebec) is a war film American of Tony Bill released in 2006 . The film, whose story takes place during the First World War , is based on an original screenplay by Phil Sears and Blake Evans (himself taken from an authentic page of this war), and was shot in the United Kingdom. United , in the spring of 2005 .

This is a more recent adaptation of William A. Wellman’s The War ( Lafayette Escadrille ), which was released in 1958 .


In 1916 , when the United States had not yet officially entered the war, the young Blaine Rawlings and some of his fellow Americans volunteered to fight against Germany by integrating the military aviation of the French army ( The air force did not exist yet).

Commanded by Captain Thénault, these pilots will form the La Fayette squadron .

Technical sheet

  • French title: Flyboys
  • Quebec title: The Lafayette Escadrille
  • Original title: Flyboys
  • Director: Tony Bill
  • Scenario: David S. Ward
  • Photography: Henry Braham
  • Music: Trevor Rabin
  • Editing: Chris Blunden and Ron Rosen
  • Producer: Dean Devlin and Marc Frydman
  • Format: 16/9
  • Duration: 139 minutes
  • Release date : .


  • James Franco (VF: Philippe Valmont and VQ: Martin Watier ) : Blaine Rawlings (role based on Frank Luke )
  • Jean Reno (VF: himself and VQ: Guy Nadon ) : Captain Thénault (role based on Lieutenant Colonel Georges Thenault )
  • Augustin Legrand : Lieutenant Giroux
  • Martin Henderson (VF: Damien Boisseau and VQ: Daniel Picard ) : Reed Cassidy (role based on Raoul Gervais Lufbery )
  • Jennifer Decker : Lucienne
  • David Ellison (VF: Axel Kiener and VQ: Marc-André Bélanger ) : Eddie Beagle
  • Tyler Labine (VQ: Patrice Dubois ) : Briggs Lowry
  • Philip Winchester : William Jensen
  • Abdul Salis  (in) Eugene Skinner (role based on Eugene Jacques Bullard )
  • Keith McErlean : Vernon Toddman
  • Tim Pigott-Smith : Mr. Lowry
  • Michael Jibson (VF: Alexandre Gillet and VQ: Daniel Roy ) : Lyle Porter
  • Christien Anholt (VQ: Tristan Harvey ) : Higgins
SourceRS Dubbing – VF


  • Saturn Awards – 2007 Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films (Issue 33)
    • Nomination in the Best Action / Adventure / Thriller category for Tony Bill
    • Nomination in the Best Music category for Trevor Rabin
    • Nomination in the category Best Costumes Nic Ede

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