Chain reaction (movie, 1980)

Chain Reaction (original title: The Chain Reaction ) is an action film / disaster / thriller Australian directed by Ian Barry , released in 1980 .


An earthquake occurs in an almost uninhabited region of Australia, but there is a radioactive material storage center. Heinrich Schmidt, one of the engineers at the center, is seriously injured on this occasion. Moreover, he thinks that the damage suffered by the center is such that radioactive leaks will pollute the groundwater over a very wide area. His boss, meanwhile, only thinks to stifle the case, in defiance of tens of thousands of human lives. Schmidt then fled the storage center but, wounded, he can not go very far and takes refuge in a nearby forest, where he realizes that in addition to his physical injuries, he begins to suffer from memory failures. He is rescued by a couple of vacationers, Larry and Carmel Stilson, whom he tries to

Technical sheet

  • Title: Chain Reaction
  • Original title: The Chain Reaction
  • Director: Ian Barry
  • Scenario: Ian Barry
  • Production: David Elfick, Ross Matthews, George Miller
  • Music: Andrew Thomas Wilson
  • Photography: Russell Boyd
  • Editing: Tim Wellburn
  • Artistic direction: Graham Walker
  • Costumes: Norma Moriceau
  • Production Designer: Lynn Gailey
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Language: English
  • Genre: action-disaster-thriller
  • Duration: 92 minutes
  • Release dates:   Australia
    •   la France


  • Steve Bisley : Larry Stilson
  • Arna-Maria Winchester : Carmel Stilson
  • Ross Thompson : Heinrich Schmidt
  • Ralph Cotterill : Gray
  • Hugh Keays-Byrne : Eagle
  • Lorna Lesley : Gloria
  • Richard Moir : Pigott agent
  • Patrick Ward : Oates
  • Laurie Moran : Sergeant McSweeney
  • Michael Long : the doctor
  • Bill McCluskey : Ralph
  • Margo Lloyd : Molly
  • Tim Burns : Investigator
  • Mel Gibson : the bearded mechanic (uncredited)


  • Saturn Award
    • Nomination for the Saturn Award for Best International Film 1983
  • Australian Film Institute Awards 1980
    • AFI Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress ( Lorna Lesley )
    • AFI Award nomination for best photograph
    • AFI Award nomination for best editing
    • AFI Award nomination for best costumes
    • AFI Award nomination for the best decorations
    • AFI Award nomination for best sound

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