End of the World Day

The Day of the End of the World ( When Time Ran Out … ) is an American film directed by James Goldstone , released in 1980 .


Shelby Gilmore built a luxury hotel on the small volcanic island of Kalaleu in the Pacific. He arrives for the inauguration with his collaborator, Kay Kirby. The management of his hotel was entrusted to the ambitious Bob Spangler, who plans to leave Nikki, the goddaughter of Gilmore whom he married by ambition, for the beautiful Iolani. Meanwhile, Hank Anderson, who used to be Kay’s lover and is leading a drilling team, has just pumped oil. But Hank is worried about the high sulfur content and the high pressures recorded in the subsoil of the island. He revives an idyll with Kay as the volcano Monanui erupts. While, on the advice of Spangler, the majority of the hotel’s guests remain in the premises, Hank and Gilmore – led by Brian, who knows the island well – decide to join the forest of the high plateau on the other side of the crater. The small group crosses the island as the eruption annihilates the hotel and its occupants …

Technical sheet

  • Title: The Day of the End of the World
  • Original title: When Time Ran Out …
  • Director: James Goldstone
  • Scenario: Carl Foreman and Stirling Silliphant , based on The Day the World Ended by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts
  • Production: Irwin Allen , Al Gail and George E. Swink
  • Budget: 20 million dollars (14.68 million euros)
  • Music: Lalo Schifrin
  • Photography: Fred J. Koenekamp
  • Editing: Edward A. Biery and Freeman A. Davies
  • Sets: Philip M. Jefferies
  • Costumes: Paul Zastupnevich  (en)
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Format: Colors – 2.35: 1 – Dolby – 35 mm
  • Genre: Catastrophe
  • Duration: 121 minutes
  • Release date :
    •  (United States)
    •  (La France)


  • Paul Newman (VF: Marcel Bozzuffi ) : Hank Henderson
  • Jacqueline Bisset (VF: Perrette Pradier ) : Kay Kirby
  • William Holden (VF: Raymond Loyer ) : Shelby Gilmore
  • Edward Albert (VF: Michel Bedetti ) : Brian
  • Red Buttons (VF: René Renot ) : Francis Fendly
  • Bárbara Carrera (VF: Annie Balestra ) : Iolani
  • Valentina Cortese (VF: Jacqueline Porel ) : Rose Valdez
  • Veronica Hamel (VF: Françoise Dorner ) : Nikki Spangler
  • Alex Karras (VF: Michel Barbey ) : Tiny Baker
  • Burgess Meredith (VF: Henri Labussière ) : Rene Valdez
  • Ernest Borgnine (VF: Henry Djanik ) : Tom Conti
  • James Franciscus (VF: Marc de Georgi ) : Bob Spangler
  • John Considine (VF: Claude D’Yd ) : John Webster
  • Sheila Allen (VF: Jane Val ) : Mona
  • Pat Morita (VF: Jacques Chevalier ) : Sam
  • John JH Springer Jr. (VF: Julien Thomast ) : Tennis pro
  • Ted Gehring (VF: Alain Dorval ) : Durant
  • Lonny Chapman (VF: Jacques Mauclair ) : Kelly
  • Joe Papalimu (VF: Jean Michaud ) : Joe

Box Office Result

With a production budget estimated at 20 million $ , the film totalisa only 1.7 million $ exclusive first, making this title, after a series of big business failures in the vein of “catastrophe”, the latest member of the genus of the 1970s.

It contains all the criteria of the genre victims of aging so early (less than a decade) that the name of cliche suits them better. Among other things, the manager who puts his greed above the general security, the other responsible who, instead, gives priority to the general safeguard, the third, finally, which balances between the two options, the former specialist in any discipline that will find at random the debacle the opportunity to reconnect with his art (here Burgess Meredith plays a former tightrope walker who will bamboo improvise a pendulum for a particularly thrilling demonstration, the only film), lovers in bastard that the drama will refurbish, the elderly couple whose fatally, one will perish … Up to the faces, Newman, Holden, Buttons,

Around the film

  • Filming began in the summer of 1979 on one of Hawaii ‘s islands .
  • Paul Newman did not want to make this film, but he was still under contract with producer Irwin Allen from The Towering Inferno ( The Towering Inferno ), released in 1974.
  • James Goldstone , not only brought together two actors from The Infernal Tower ( Paul Newman and William Holden ), but also brought together Red Buttons and Ernest Borgnine who starred in The Adventure of Poseidon , two productions by Irwin Allen .
  • Other disaster films revolving around a volcano include “The Devil at 4 o’clock”, directed by Mervyn LeRoy in 1960, The Dante’s Peak ( Dante’s Peak ), made in 1997 by Roger Donaldson , as well as Volcano , directed the same year by Mick Jackson .
  • Do not be confused with the movie “The day when the end of the World”, low-budget French short film released the same year.


  • Nominated Oscar for best costumes for Paul Zastupnevich in 1981.


  •  France :

The film is released on the DVD media.

– The day of the end of the world (DVD-5 Digipack) released onreleased in the exclusive Fnac Cinema collection and edited by Warner Home Vidéo France. The screen ratio is 2.35: 1 widescreen 16: 9. The audio is in French and English Mono with French subtitles. No supplements. This is a Zone 2 Pal edition. ASIN B00BP4U2Z8

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