Independence Day (movie, 1996)

Independence Day or the day of independence in Quebec (sometimes abbreviated ID4 ) is a science fiction film American directed by Roland Emmerich and released in 1996 . It tells the story of the invasion of aliens who plundered the Earth’s resources, before which groups of individuals and families flee and converge on the Nevada desert. With the rest of the American population, they hope to participate in a battle of last chance for the survival of the human species. Symbolically this battle takes place on July 4th, the day of the American National Day .

One sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence , was released in 2016 .


On July 2, a SETI radio telescope captures waves emitted by a disproportionate UFO that has come to rest in Earth orbit . The Pentagon decides to keep the secret on this discovery. But soon after, huge ships enter the atmosphere and take up positions above the world’s megacities . In Washington , US President Thomas J. Whitmore ( Bill Pullman ) wonders what to do. For his part, David Levinson ( Jeff Goldblum), a computer analyst, discovers that the signal picked up by the radio telescope is nothing but a countdown. He decided to inform the president, with the help of his former wife Constance Spano ( Margaret Colin ), a White House counselor. The president then decides the general evacuation, but it is too late: from each of the ships arises a ray which destroys the cities instantly . The next day, they are only ruin and desolation, and the number of victims is very heavy … Then enters scene Steven Hiller ( Will Smith ), Captain of the US Marine Corps (USMC) … With the few survivors, President Whitmore, who narrowly escaped the destruction of the capital, decided to organize theriposte .

As soon as the Air Force One was safely on the Zone 51 military base , the first massive air attack was launched on the ships, but as soon as the battle was underway, the pilots realized that their armament could not pierce the energy shield that surrounded them. this. Crushed under the number of hunters thrown up by invading ships, the planes are shot one after the other, with the exception of that of Captain Steven Hiller, who manages to lead his opponent in a rocky labyrinth before blinding him and make it crash.

Hiller finds himself in the desert of Lincoln County , southeastern Nevada , with the alien he knocked out. He is joined a little later by a convoy of caravans pulled by people who have escaped annihilation, and he will guide to the Area 51 .

Meanwhile, in the ruins of Los Angeles , Jasmine Dubrow, Steven Hiller’s companion who survived the annihilation with her son Dylan, manages to clear several survivors of the rubble, including the First Lady of the United States , Marilyn Whitmore, whose helicopter crashed shortly after the start of the destruction of the city.

Thomas Whitmore learns that this is not the first time humans have been confronted by these extraterrestrials: an alien hunter crashed in 1947 around Roswell and was recovered in the utmost discretion by the US Air Force .

In the medical laboratory of Zone 51 , scientists begin the opening of the biomechanical combination of the extraterrestrial captured by Steven Hiller, still unconscious and held for dead, but the operation turns into disaster , because the extraterrestrial wakes up Suddenly kills telepathic scientists. After an unsuccessful negotiation attempt, the alien is shot dead while trying to kill the president.

It is then decided to use the nuclear weapon to destroy the ship above Houston , but once the explosion dissipates, the euphoria vanishes as quickly as it appeared: the ship protected by its shield is intact.

Distraught, the survivors do not know which track to explore, until David Levinson, under the blow of a hard hangover and with the help of his father Julius Levinson, has a sudden inspiration. The idea of both a wild simplicity and unprecedented boldness, involves implanting in the computer system of the mother ship in Earth orbit a computer virus that will disable signal by satellite the shields of all the alien ships.

Steven Hiller and David Levinson volunteer to fly the alien fighter in Area 51 and repaired by scientists to access the mother ship to implant the virus. On Earth , the planetary counter-offensive is launched, and Thomas Whitmore personally takes it aboard his F-18 , while David Levinson’s virus disables the shields of all ships. However, the low power of the air-to-air missiles does not destroy them, especially since the alien hunters engage in the battle to protect the mother ships.

As the ship is about to unleash its destructive beam on Area 51 again , the pilot Russell Casse, who can not fire his last missile , stuck, sacrifices himself by throwing his F-18 into the beam’s emitter. A blast explodes then the ship, hit in the heart, which crashes.

Meanwhile, their alien fighter stuck in the mothership, Steven Hiller and David Levinson are trying everything for the whole. After firing a missile with a very powerful nuclear warhead that stuck in the structure of the ship, they manage to get rid of the device that held their fighter and to leave the mothership in extremis before the explosion nuclear disintegrates it.

The film ends when Steven Hiller and David Levinson, who crashed in the desert on their return, are joined by Thomas Whitmore and their companions.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Independence Day
  • Full French title: Independence Day: The day of the riposte 1
  • Québec title: Independence Day 1
  • Director: Roland Emmerich
  • Scenario: Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich
  • Music: David Arnold
  • Photography: Karl Walter Lindenlaub
  • Editing: David Brenner
  • Production: Dean Devlin , Roland Emmerich , Ute Emmerich and William Fay
  • Production Companies: Centropolis Entertainment and 20th Century Fox
  • Distribution Company: 20th Century Fox
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English
  • Format: Colors – 2.35: 1 – DTS – 35 mm
  • Genre: science fiction
  • Duration: 145 minutes / 153 minutes (special edition, 2010)
  • Total budget: $ 95,000,000 2
    • Estimated production budget: $ 75,000,000
    • Advertising budget (estimate): $ 20,000,000
  • Release dates 1 :
    •  United States :(World Premiere in Westwood , California ),  (national release)
    •  Canada :
    •  United Kingdom :
    •  France :
    •  Belgium :


  • Will Smith (VF: Serge Faliu 3 , VQ: Pierre Auger ) : Captain Steven “Steve” Hiller
  • Bill Pullman (VF: Robert Guilmard , VQ: Daniel Picard ) : President Thomas J. Whitmore
  • Jeff Goldblum (VF: Bernard Lanneau , VQ: Luis de Cespedes ) : David Levinson
  • Mary McDonnell (VF: Céline Monsarrat , VQ: Danièle Panneton ) : First Lady Marilyn Whitmore
  • Judd Hirsch (VF: Michel Fortin , VQ: Jean Fontaine ) : Julius Levinson, David’s father
  • Robert Loggia (VF: Leon Dony , VQ: Ronald France ) : General William M. Gray
  • Randy Quaid (VF: Gilbert Levy , VQ: Marc Bellier ) : Russell Casse
  • Margaret Colin (VF: Dominique Westberg, VQ: Madeleine Arsenault ) : Constance “Connie” Spano
  • Vivica A. Fox (VF: Annie Milon , VQ: Linda Roy ) : Jasmine Dubrow
  • James Rebhorn (VF: Jean-Pierre Leroux , VQ: Vincent Davy ) : Albert Nimziki, Secretary of Defense
  • Harvey Fierstein (VF: Jacques Frantz , VQ: Normand Lévesque ) : Marty Gilbert
  • Adam Baldwin (VF: Guillaume Orsat , VQ: Jean-Luc Montminy ) : Major Mitchell
  • Brent Spiner (VF: Michel Papineschi ; DV: Jean-Marie Moncelet )Dr. Brackish Okun
  • James Duval (VF: Emmanuel Garijo ) : Miguel Casse
  • Lisa Jakub (VQ: Caroline Dhavernas ) : Alicia Casse
  • Giuseppe Andrews : Troy Casse
  • Ross Bagley (VQ: Lawrence Arcouette ) : Dylan Dubrow
  • Bill Smitrovich : Lieutenant-Colonel Watson
  • Mae Whitman (VF: Kelly Marot ) : Patricia Whitmore
  • Harry Connick Jr. (VF: Olivier Cuvellier , VQ: Bernard Fortin ) : Captain Jimmy Widler
  • Kiersten Warren (VF: Natacha Muller ) : Tiffany
  • John Storey : r Issacs
  • Frank Novak  (en) : Teddy
  • Devon Gummersall  (en) : Philip
  • Mirron E. Willis : Dean, a presidential aide
  • Ross Lacy (VF: Mathias Kozlowski ) : Roy, a presidential aide
  • David Pressman (VF: Maurice Decoster ) : Alex, Whitmore’s Presidential Assistant
  • Robert Pine (VF: Joseph Falcucci ) : Glenn Parness, Chief of Staff of the White House
  • Barbara Beck (VF: Catherine Privat ) : Monica Soloway, the TV journalist presenting the helicopter
  • John Bradley (VF: Gabriel Doze ) : Lucas
  • Jon Matthews (VF: Georges Caudron ) : Thomson, a soldier in Iraq
  • Jim Piddock (VF: Gabriel Doze ) : Reginald, chief soldier in Iraq
  • Raphael Sbarge (VF: Maurice Decoster ) : the chief technician
  • Dan Lauria (VF: Achille Orsoni) : the commander
  • Leland Orser : one of the medical assistants # 1
  • Carlos Lacámara  ( VF: Vincent Ropion ) : the radar operator
  • Jay Acovone (VF: Philippe Vincent ) : the guard at the entrance of Zone 51
  • Derek Webster (VF: Jean-François Vlérick ) : The pilot of the helicopter “Welcoming Committee”
  • Jeff Phillips (VF: Philippe Vincent ) : the pilot of the Northrop B-2 Spirit bomber
  • Andrew Keegan (VQ: Martin Watier ) : the older boy
  • Morton Kondracke (VF: Jérôme Keen ) : himself
Sources and legend : French version ( VF ) on Allodoublage 4 and Voxofilm 5 ; Quebec version ( VQ ) on 6


  • 1997
    • Movie Oscars : Best Visual Effects, Best Sound
    • Saturn Awards (named)
    • Amanda Awards , Norway
    • Awards of the Japanese Academy (nominated)
    • BAFTA Film Award (nominated)
    • Blockbuster Entertainment Awards (Will Smith)
    • Czech Lions , Box Office Award
    • Grammy Awards , Best Instrumental Composition ( David Arnold )
    • MTV Movie Awards , Best Kiss (Will Smith and Vivica A. Fox )
    • Mainichi Movie Contest
    • People’s Choice Awards
    • Razzie Awards (nominated)
    • Satellite Awards
    • Sci-Fi Universe Magazine, Universal Reader’s Choice Award
    • Young Artist Awards , Ross Bagley

Box office

Country or region Box Office Box office shutdown date Number of weeks
 United States $ 306,169,268 7 27
 la France 5,656,991 entries 8 6
 World $ 817,400 891 7 n / A n / A

Home by the critic

The film received a very bad review from French newspapers. Thus, Vincent Remy, in his criticism of Télérama 9 , sees in the film “a monumental bullshit, recycling rancid Alien , Encounters of the third type , and other Cruise of Poseidon . ” Jean-Luc Wachthausen in Le Figaro 10 , summed up the film in ” twenty-two hours of special effects, computer graphics, gigantic fights that return Star Wars or Top Gun to the rank of charming gadgets ” and Yann Tobin in Positive 11 felt that”The silliness of the scenario is matched only by its symbolic and sociological value, in its culture of political correctness. ”

Around the film

seesections “Trivia”, “Other Details”, “Did you know? “,” Quotations “,” Around … “,  etc. , may be inappropriate in articles  (June 2012) .
  • Originally it was Kevin Spacey who was to play President Whitmore before the role came back to Bill Pullman . Jada Pinkett , the wife of Will Smith , was to play Jasmine Dubrow, but had to give it up since she was playing in The Naughty Teacher the same year and it is Vivica A. Fox who gets the role. [ref. necessary]
  • The film grossed $ 817,400,891, a performance that ranks it among the biggest box office successes in the world .
  • The end of the Chinpokomon episode of the South Park series is a cover of the film, including Morse communication.
  • The Katina level of the Star Fox 64 video game is a direct nod to the movie’s events.
  • In the ending kinematics of Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X , a pilot of the Rebel Army plane sacrifices himself by heading into the source of the beam of the mother ship while it was loading it, just like the character of Russel Casse in this film.
  • In the van of Russell Case , Troy the youngest son, watches a scene from the movie The Day on which the Earth Stood (1951), on television, whose reception is disturbed by the communication signals of the extraterrestrials.
  • When Will Smith aka Captain Steven ‘Steve’ Hiller arrives at the base of Zone 51 with an alien still alive, one of the speakers launches “Guess who’s coming to dinner” reference to the movie Devine who comes to dinner? (1967) Stanley Kramer with Sidney Poitier .
  • When Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith settle into the ship to implant the virus in the mother ship, Jeff Goldblum installs his laptop and when launching a welcome image appears hinting a voice saying “Hello, David. This voice and the welcoming image are references to the film 2001, Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey (1968) and his computer character Hal 9000. The welcome image is the red eye from Hal 9000.
  • The film appears in 2010 in a long version “special edition” containing 8 minutes extra scenes 12 .
  • In the movie Stonehenge Apocalypse , implicitly refers to the movie Independence Day in the sequence showing the discovery of the countdown (it is a similar pattern that is discovered).

Adaptation in video games

Independence Day is the video game adapted from the movie. Developed by Radical Entertainment , it was released in 1997 on Windows , Saturn and PlayStation .


In 2009, Roland Emmerich announced not one but two sequels to the film. They will take place in our time but in a world that has evolved greatly thanks to the extraterrestrial technologies recovered from wrecks 13 , 14 . In February 2011, however, he reported that the writing of the script did not advance: “I refuse to write anything before there is new. ” He said 15 .

Independence Day: Resurgence comes out in 2016.

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