Dr. Jivago (movie)

Doctor Jivago ( Doctor Zhivago ) is an Italian – American historical melodrama directed by David Lean , released in 1965 . He is the adaptationof Boris Pasternak’s novel .

Renewed according to inflation, Dr. Jivago is the eighth biggest success story in cinema history with $ 1.9 billion in revenue 1 .

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Ben-Hur (movie, 1959)

Ben-Hur is an American film of William Wyler released in 1959 .

Adapted from the novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ , of Lew Wallace appeared in 1880 , the peplum epic whose action is in the st century, is a film in the history of the monument by the extent of its implementation on stage and sequences with a great show such as the naval battle , the chariot race and the crucifixion of Christ . It also remains one of the three most awarded films with eleven Oscars .

The original novel was the subject of three other adaptations, including that of 1925 with Ramón Novarro in the title role.

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